Expressions and Attires

Have you ever looked at someone’s photograph, someone you know very well, and thought ‘this so does not seem like her/him!!!’. Of course it also happens when people you know suddenly act weird,… Continue reading

Books and Intruders

“What refuge is there for the victim who is oppressed with the feeling that there are a thousand new books he ought to read, while life is only long enough for him to… Continue reading

Fear: Part 2

Sleepless moons Of my perceptions I’ve spent Tirelessly. Building screens. I do believe And know They were quintessential To me At some point In the Past? Why do then I? Keep hauling myself?… Continue reading

The Road

Is it you that eludes me? Or me you? Set it straight for me Will you? Because I’m trying And failing. My head’s a thunderstorm, And I don’t know Where the lightning struck. Show… Continue reading

The Humanistic Purr

It was after sundown. I was on the terrace, talking to a friend on my cell, lest my mum hear some of the things we were discussing. Well, we were teenagers then, need… Continue reading

Lost and Found

Lost and Found, Lost and Found, Only they haven’t Been found. My soul lies In death, In the dead, In ruins left, Parchments old. I yearn to speak, Languages lost. I live to find,… Continue reading


And just when I came back, You pulled me to the edge. And now I stand Hypnotised. By your spell. On foot over the edge, One on the edge. I feel the sanity… Continue reading

Toy Shops

What is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when someone says ‘toy shop’? The images would be a panorama of colors you had no idea existed and so many toys and… Continue reading

Lover Book

I want love Not a man Nor a boy But a Book Its release excites Like a new crush My tingling hands Waiting to touch To buy it would be The lover finally… Continue reading

My Invisible Home

From the highest Towers To the lowest Steps It was covered With cracks of Missteps, The wind howled And played cassettes Of so many Unforgotten regrets, The woods that invited Now cautiously eyed Attempting to… Continue reading