Brave: Story of Two Women.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t wish to spoil it, do not read as it contains way too many spoilers.¬† The idea of gender equality is hardly new, and has… Continue reading

Sita: The Damsel in Distress and a Means to an End

A huge amount of literature and opinions have come up in reference to Sita, her plight, and Ram’s action’s against her. It is thus not a new facet to us when I say… Continue reading

Tyranny of the Majority

I’d heard this term long back when I saw the movie The Great Debaters. Today, almost every culture, across the world, is experiencing a revolution, a revolution started by people who no longer… Continue reading


Most people would say a bed is a place to rest your weary body after a day’s hard work. I’m not so sure about that. I think the bed is highly underestimated and… Continue reading

Scrambled Eggs

Its 0100. It’s late. I’m sleepy but hungry. But its not real hunger, its hunger in anticipation. I can recall how people say ‘little things in life can make you happy’. But they… Continue reading

The Wandering Itch

There are so many quotes, movies, songs, books, people- doing rounds in my head that just tell me to throw away every worry of the future, and just live- now. Today. In this… Continue reading

Sexual Objects

Women have legs. So do men. Women have arms, so do men. And I’m seriously trying to understand the difference between them. When people in backward areas, or people in places which are… Continue reading

The Other Dimension

Lead me,¬†Take me Delude me, Force me Snatch me. Towards Here and There A dimension Where I just might find Blossoms I plucked, Sounds I uttered. Almost; Words thrown away Carelessly away Those… Continue reading

‘Hey, can I buy you a book?’

The title does say it eh? So here I was, on facebook, (once again), when I saw this. And I absolutely fell in love with it. Lets face it, you, just like me,… Continue reading

The Abstract

Is it there? Or not? So tiny, I Just can’t be sure. My hand out, Almost held No no no! And its gone Where? Near my ear, Wings fluttering On my skin My… Continue reading