101 Things I Will Teach My Daughters

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1. Chocolate is only a temporary fix. 2. A properly-fitting bra is not a luxury. It is a necessity. 3. Your happiness is your happiness and yours alone.…

Three Arches and a Kiss

It was New Year’s eve. Both the times. The first kiss, and the last goodbye. Ironies and full circles. I’d kissed before, more than once, kisses and people. But that first kiss with… Continue reading

Only You To Say

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I haven’t the words I’ve beg them to come Rush over me With true abandon Nights full of craving Days full of behaving I…

The Other Dimension

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Lead me, Take me Delude me, Force me Snatch me. Towards Here and There A dimension Where I just might find Blossoms I plucked, Sounds I uttered. Almost;…

Love Confined

Sex and love are two subjects that we can never seem to exhaust. But us humans, with our glib convictions, and phony double standards, we laud love, the idea of it, but when… Continue reading

Heart of the Universe

Sometimes the answers come before you can even begin to ask the questions. The question may not even be ripe enough to be put into words, and without warning the answer comes. And… Continue reading

A stranger,

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Among the crowd,I saw you again.After all these years,you still looked the same.Memories started to flow back,and it reminded me of how close we were.We used to…

Feminism and Men

Its been coming for a while, and its only right that issues of men with reference to gender equality are taken to the fore. Personally for me feminism is equivalent to gender equality,… Continue reading

My Invisible Home

Originally posted on Nothing and Everything:
From the highest Towers To the lowest Steps It was covered With cracks of Missteps, The wind howled And played cassettes Of so many Unforgotten regrets, The woods that…


fleeting fleeing free-ish desire’s kin but poles apart mercurial-ly steals up cheeks making blushes blush dilated pupils drinking in more than a kiss and less limbs lost to move or not to move?… Continue reading