A friend

See what I found on my dashboard! And what a co-incidence, I wrote this once before when you were going away for a bit, and now I’m posting this when you come back again, after being gone for long. And I still wonder how is it possible to miss someone I have never really met. 

It’s almost terrifying how close you can get to people just by talking with them. Shouldn’t be though, should it? But we as people have a tendency to pour out ours souls through our words. At least I do.

‘People come into our lives to teach us lessons’; maybe. But there’s more and less to it than just that, because I can remember people coming into my life for no reason, but they did end up ruining my life in whatever way they could. You’d say that would make me stronger, but it doesn’t pinch less.

And then there are those who just pass by, with you giving them just a glance and a look, and years later you cross paths again. So I did, when I was travelling to a place for a competition. It was a tough time, so no details required but I was hurt at that point in my life, to the point of being very self destructive in a creative subconscious ways. I met the so called friend at the airport as we waited to board the same flight: he to his college and I for the competition. We used to be batch mates in school but never friends. We exchanged hellos at the airport and later I think one of us added the other on Facebook. If we had never met I would have possibly never got into a conversation with him ever.

And then I would’ve missed out on the most confounding, unbelievable, self exploratory, mind rebooting, unearthly timed, heart to heart exchanges of words- and feelings I didn’t know I felt.

and I realised
That you were an island and I passed you by
And you were an island to discover

– Warning Sign

I don’t know how but the bond slowly starting to become, with the foundation of a shared love for writing. I would often mail to him what I wrote and he would give me his opinions. unbiased opinions. I am persistent, and we talked of other things than writing, but never getting personal. I suppose the wanting to be free soul inside me found itself deeply attracted to this free soul. And so I kept pressing, when finally one day he did open up.

Its way too early to say if this friendship will last. And its also way too early assume that it wont. But I will hang on, and I have a feeling he will too. Our minds I think are quite alike, or is that just a temporary or incomplete perception on my end? People too often seem to be the same as you and turn out to be completely different.

I cant keep secrets. Not the secret kind of secrets. For instance I want to immediately share this with him. He’s been a great muse and a friend, but maybe it’s not the right time to do that.

He is going to be travelling, and I know that I am going to miss talking with him. I guess Einstein will have to wait to be discussed. And I don’t where this is going, whether it will stay with me; so I will cherish every moment, till it one day, if, it does, disappear.

Friendship. There are no ways adequate enough to describe this friendship.

I didn’t win that competition, but I’m glad I went. The whole trip was a fiasco, save another memory, but it was worth gaining a new friend. Because trust me when I say this, friends are very hard to find, and even harder to keep.

It’s time to get back on our track.

“It’s my journey. I would welcome you to be a part of it… But know this, I do not know the way back.”


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