The Canvas is Complete

The canvas is complete
I have nothing more to add
And I haven’t
Since quite some time now
I think we both noticed

Where once I had my fingers
Bursting with brushes ten
And my mind a whirlwind
Of colours seen and unseen
Today they lie vacant

The picture is fisnished
Its beautiful let it stay so
Before it becomes an eyesore
And my limbs fight
An urge to destroy it

Your dreams and mine
Encompassed our whole wide world
But I want so much more
More than this parchment can bear
Darker and vivider
Than these colours can paint

Once I took pleausre
In creating with you
Now I want to weild
Only my visions
And no other’s

So let me while still
The canvas and painting remain
Lest my urgency to fly
And your desperacy to hold
Tear it into shreds uncountable

Not one but hundreds I want
Canvases, textures, brushes
Lost, Eccentric, uneven, mad
My appetite grows
And so do my boundaries

Its time to take this down
Put it up on wall
Remember and cherish
But not hold on
I need to let go

The canvas is complete
I have nothing more to add @Copyright, 2014 Adya Vac