Straight from the heart

The turbulence in my head reflected by a fellow blogger.

As I See It

When you get into a dark room, you can’t see much. Hours later, you can; you begin to get comfortable in the darkness, you find light in there. You forget what there is on the outside and you stay cause you’re alright in there while you fear the beyond. One day light seeps in and you peep out. The light is so powerful, it almost blinds you. You peep out again curiously; you see a world that you had forgotten existed. You see how dark the darkness was and how much light you could have used all along.

The world has numerous such cavities–in the hollow of the trees, in the gloomy evening’s air, in the eyes of the girl you met, inside you in the crevices of your reflections, anywhere you’d never look. Some of these are wide open, gaping at you, wondering if you’d care to notice and…

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