The Worst in people

So I was telling him once, during one of those late night conversations that had become a habit.

I don’t like to see the best in people. I like to see the worst in them. My inclination lies towards witnessing the holes in their worlds and their soul, the ones they try so hard to cover up- with fake smiles, modified memories and non-existent truths. I want access to the dirty dark locker buried a thousand leagues under rocks of guilt, sands of regret, decaying bones of compromises and an air of forced amnesia.

But. .  .

But I guess we all need lies, our own personally architectured lies. How else could we continue our hypocritical existence? How else is it possible to survive in a world where the dominating species are practically a lying, manipulating, devious bunch of scumbags?

And so, sometimes I think if you want to really know a person inside out, screw their honesty, forget about the facts presented in front of you, close your eyes to the naked truths. Just know the lies. Hunt them down. Chase each one of them. And then he asked, is it like unmasking? And I said, yes, sort of. Because if you look at it in this manner, you enter a forest, enchanted by the owner, or the trapped one? Which is it I don’t know. But when you enter, and as you stroll around, even if you know the location of the very axiom of the gospel truths of this person, you will be lost as long as even a single lie continues to exist. The lie prowls, and before you know it will hunt you, and have victory over you as well. What’s worse? All of us, everyone of us girdles ourselves within such lies.

And that’s why I want to the see the worst, get hold of it, and rip it down.

And only then it seems that I can know them, like them, or even hate them, or perhaps love them.

“But what will be left of that person once I am done? Is it worth it in the end?” @Copyright 2014, Adya Vac