The Other Dimension

Nothing and Everything

Lead me, Take me
Delude me, Force me
Snatch me. Towards

Here and There
A dimension Where
I just might find

Blossoms I plucked,
Sounds I uttered. Almost;
Words thrown away
Carelessly away

Those mustard fields
When I would carry her
The tiniest thorn
Too much for her
And so, too much for me

A cold where lie
Beds warm as hugs
She with her heart
Warm like the blanket she left.
And that’s all that’s left

Stories disinherited
Characters half met
Adventures left midway
Fading now, aching still

A dimension where
I just might find
Rains marooned
Innocence once lost
So I can lose it again

That climb up the hill
That kiss
Those kisses and more
Left wantingly hanging
Lips always at the ready

Strawberries nearly eaten
Tongues left dreaming
Books almost bought
Books so old
Leaving hands dusty
Faintly smelling musty

A dimension where
I just might…

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