Heart of the Universe

Sometimes the answers come before you can even begin to ask the questions. The question may not even be ripe enough to be put into words, and without warning the answer comes. And it is then, that you are able to frame your thoughts into that query, that puzzle, yet left wondering, which came first. So I told my friend, that there was something I needed to discuss. My friend happened to be busy, so I waited. And a couple of days later the friend sends me this for feedback.

“Life is the cosmic energy vibrating in us. It’s as if the whole universe is a collection of these oscillations, an overtone we are deaf to.

Stagnancy has no place in the universe. The underlying foundation is the constant change, motion, movement, an invisible flow of events, creation and destruction. Therefore, to move is to be alive.

We only grasp at half truths, half lies. We have and we see, the visible and the invisible. Our eyes always open to the convenience of a hypocritical existence, in a world that is utterly insignificant, and to which we bear witness.

I refuse such an existence. I accept the fact that there is no purpose to existence; we are free to seek our own meanings. Some find religion, some find love, some find books, some find money, some find power…

I seek to find nothing and everything. I am going to live for and every bit of life I have; I am going to dance to this cosmic vibration inside of me. I shall await my death with open arms; I will cherish everything. I will cherish me. I will cherish  you. And in this moment,

I am alive and dead.
I am happiness and sadness.
I am in love and in grief.
I am the creation and the destruction.
I am the universe and I am nothing.

I am with you and still alone.

I am me and I am you.”

I was more or less in shock when I read it, because this piece of writing was akin to a completion of my thoughts, the idea that I wanted to talk to the friend about. And only after reading it did I pen down what was tossing and turning in my head:

“I lay there in my bed, like I have for the past two decades and more, every night. And each night is a gift, which doesn’t take long to become a curse. No, not for the transformation of my dreams into vivid nightmares, because that; happens. But because after night falls, slowly come the revelations, that only darkness can bring. Many times I let these beings of nocturnal nature sleep- an untimely sleep. But some return, and force me take the pen, and in the process become real.
The universe as religion has taught us, the religion of science and not the religion of dogmas, came to be from a single speck. That one speck was pregnant with potential, infinite possibilities, when it finally exploded.
And here we are, inanimate objects eulogizing emotions but afraid and disgusted by the urges of our existence. Believing everything to be the act of a higher ‘thing’. Insignificant will be everything we did, thought, said, felt, knew, when- its time come, the universe will collapse on itself, and 
And when im-memorable years have passed, that contracted speck will get restless and 
Time itself has forgotten how many times this futile exercise of creation has happened. 
But is the beating of a heart futile?
Expand. Contract. Expand. Contract. Expand. Contract. 
In that speck, life wasn’t alone, it was sleeping, cradled and protected by death, and as much as we hate to accept it, or remember it, it would be incomplete without death. 
I am, you are, the very life of this universe and beyond, because we are the heart of it. When the heart expands we become. And when it contracts we un-become. “

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