My Invisible Home

Nothing and Everything

From the highest Towers
To the lowest Steps
It was covered
With cracks of Missteps,

The wind howled
And played cassettes
Of so many
Unforgotten regrets,

The woods that invited
Now cautiously eyed
Attempting to hide
The Pain sleeping Inside,

Tapestries once vivid
Now lie stained
WIth the compromises
That I had made,

The lake that mirrored
Dream filled skies
Now only reflected
Half hearted tries.

It was a beautiful castle
Castle it was My
Now a desolate place
Denying to hear my cry.

I’ve lost the Key
Can’t find the door
What I have become
Me does abhor,

Every broken stone
Each fallen leaf
Every lifeless tree
Each destroyed belief

I did that
To Me
This ruin wasn’t just
A place; ’twas Me.

Was in the making
While I was adhered
Still to the womb
Then it anchored,

Before my first cry
The foundation raced
My Hands full
Of concrete and spade.

Unknowingly I toiled
And flowered the Key
It was there

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