The Seed is Only Half

I read words,
Old, religious, new
I hear gods, god men, people
And they’re all the same
When they say
A woman only carries the seed
She was born to
Procreate and no more
To help man
And so they say  ‘mankind’
Where did the woman go?

No I did not come
Only from ‘his’ loins
I am not just a seed
Grown inside a womb
You still forget
I am half her too.

Yes, ‘he’ gave, a seed
But it’s not me
It’s only half me
The womb is not
An incubator
It provides for another half
Without which not just me
But he too
Would never have been.

So the next time you say
That I carry ‘his’ seed
Remember, that I give my half
And carry the both halves
To make a complete
I don’t just give life
I create it.
The seed is only half.©Copyright 2013, Adya Vac