Another New Year

It’s new year’s eve and I am sitting in front of my laptop, typing this out, in my pajamas. And I didn’t even order food. That’s just about how I have spent almost all the new year’s eves that have come my way. It was weird initially, as all my friends and acquaintances would go out and party, but then today, I think this is much better. Because I have nothing to celebrate.

Nope, I’m not your garden variety pessimist who thinks of a new year as ‘time once’s gone never recovered’. But I also do not get the sense in emptying my pockets (or wait, for a lot of us it’s our parent’s pockets) to go to a bar, restaurant, disc blah blah blah, to hop(read as dance) in a square foot of place, or to eat food whose quality has deteriorated with the overwhelming demand, or to drink stuff the names of which I’m not even going to remember the next day.

So what is so special about a new year? It’s simply one year gone by and another one at your doorstep. It’s a change in the date, which takes time getting used to, at least for me. And then it’s the start of those resolutions which more often than not are just about forgotten in the first week of January itself.

But new years don’t always have to be so daunting. For a select few this eve marks the passage of a hard year and the beginning of perhaps a happier one. For some others it is a looming next year with a lot of hard work to put it. And then for some more its the coming closer to their dreams for which they have put it everything they had. But, for the rest of us, it’s just another excuse to party, with absolutely nothing to celebrate, to move on from, or look forward to.

Why make new year’s eve another ‘another’? This time, oh wait that’s a cliche: lemme rephrase that, every time, every new year, lets all be more discontent and want more. I guess that requires a little explanation.

We are told too often to be excited about a new start, about a new phase of our lives, about the waiting happiness, or to be humble, to be content with what we have, and to be grateful. I think we should pass on that. So lets start questioning everything that we believe in, and to question it all the time. And no, that does not mean not having faith. But we need to have faith in ourselves and not in the mythic charm of a new year. Let’s not forget the year gone by but remember it, critically analyze it, and learn from it. (This is turning into a lecture isn’t it?) Cut to the chase, dream, work, dream and work towards your dreams. This is especially for the youngsters today, people like me. Let’s mark each passing year as a year of sweat and toil weaving that dream or dreams of ours. It doesn’t matter if we fail. Once, twice, thrice, innumerable times. Let’s test ourselves and our abilities and surprise ourselves, and I promise you, each new year’s eve, you will look back, and see how you have changed through every year, become stronger in your convictions, and how you are waiting for another year of surprises.

So this is me, having worked a little bit this year, to achieve that dream of mine. And I shall be just as stubborn in achieving it, more resilient, and I shall push myself, and next year, I shall rightfully enjoy new year’s eve.© Copyright 2013, Adya Vac