Most people would say a bed is a place to rest your weary body after a day’s hard work. I’m not so sure about that. I think the bed is highly underestimated and its full potential has just not been tapped. A bed is so much more than, well, just a bed. So let me give you a glimpse into my head when it comes in contact with the thought of bed.

1. This one’s obvious. You don’t just get your ‘need’ sleep on the bed, you get that, lazy, right into the afternoon sleep, that just makes you want more.

2. Remember those winter blankets? Soft, squishy, warm, never ending. You love them so much that you want one under you as well.

3. How can anyone beat the experience of reading a book, with a cup of hot chocolate or soup, inside the quilt, in your bed?

4. Bed sheets. I like mine used. Totally overused cotton bed sheets, because they’d give ‘soft’ a run for its money.

5. I’m more of a straight mattress person, but I can’t deny I’d like a handful of ‘jumpy’ mattresses. If you know what I mean.

6. Bed rack. Yes it’s important. And no I can’t do without it.

7. I like to have at least two pillows and none of them under my head. One over my head, and the other between my legs. And no, no double meanings. Yet.

8. I love winters for one reason only. I can sleep with a hot water bottle. And that, is truly, heaven.

9. All those glow on the dark celestial objects you put up on the ceiling? The time you enjoy them the most is when you are about to fall asleep, in their light. And their embrace. If you don’t have them then you need to have them.

10. They could invent fifty more positions and discover a hundred more venues, but the bed will never go out of fashion.

11. Breakfast in bed! Sigh

12. A cat curled up on your chest while you sleep. Did anyone say paradise?

13.  Sleeping in just your underwear. Or even without it. Need I say more?

14. Canopy. Too childish? Nope, not for me. I’m all for tents too.

15. The way your bed holds on to you, tightly, like fevi-stick, when  you try to get out of it in the morning. Or actually anytime.

16. Sometimes, you’re possessiveness about your bed can beat what you have, or should have for your gf/bf. Do not sit on my bed!!!

17. And the way your bed looks at you, calls you, like that bottle of tequila you know you shouldn’t have. But you do end up having it.

18. You get the best, revolutionary, world changing ideas when you’re in bed. The only catch is most of the times you’re too lazy to get up and put them down. And by the time you do take that effort. Poof.  (Courtesy Abhishek Thakkar for reminding me)

19. Lastly, till I come up with more, your bed is your bed. No other bed can give it competition.

20. Oh wait, theme beds. But that’s way too long to be put up here. So that’ll probably be my next post.

If I can get off this bed!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. . . . . .

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