Scrambled Eggs

Its 0100. It’s late. I’m sleepy but hungry. But its not real hunger, its hunger in anticipation. I can recall how people say ‘little things in life can make you happy’. But they never told you how much of it. For me, it may be ‘little things’- but never in moderation. In fact I find I am unable to enjoy moderation in more or less any form. I’m more of an extreme person.

For example if I like a song, I listen to it, on repeat mode, roughly about fifty times a day, give or take 5. And then the next day too. And the next. This continues till I am absolutely sick of the song and can’t even bear to hear the name anymore. It’s perhaps because I need to get it out of my system, so I can properly enjoy other songs again.

Crushes. Same story. I need to obsess over my crush, constantly think about them, talk to them if possible, stalk them on facebook, or in reality (relax, nor ‘real’ stalking). I need to completely make a fool of myself in front of myself until finally some semblance of reason kicks in and tells me to get a life, or move on, to a new one!!

This is the story of my life, I need to like and love to the point that I hate it. So how can it be different for scrambled eggs?

I fell in love with scrambled eggs the first time I had them, which was when I was about the age of ten. It took me about five more years to start experimenting. And then I found my bane.

I heat the pan decently hot, and put some butter, spreading it all over. Then I break the eggs right over the pan, and because its so hot, they almost immediately solidify. Then I wait a few seconds more and start scrambling them. I turn the heat to low when I start scrambling. I alternate between low and high heat about 5-6 times, and add pepper and salt  Near the end, when they are nearing a yummy shade of golden brown, I cover the pan for about a minute, on low heat. Then I uncover it, on high heat again for a few seconds and they are ready. They are crispy on the outside and oh-oh-soft on the inside. Sometimes I add a couple of spoons of milk or water too.

Four toasts have been prepared in the meantime, deliciously buttered. Some green chilly sauce. There’s a glass of milk and bournvita ready, very sweet and with chocos in it.

And that, is my absolutely, unspeakably, perfect, tongue melting, mind boggling, dream breakfast.

Why am I thinking about this now, practically in the middle of the night? I live in a hostel , which translates into ‘I have more or less forgotten the taste of good food/ I can’t cook what I want’. And so, me and my friends are going out for breakfast!! (8 hours and one minute to go). And that, happens to be a long long time. It seems ages away.

I love scrambled eggs so much, that when I go home, I have them at least twice a day. Since I never stay home long, I can’t get enough of them. And that is not healthy for me, because I can’t stop thinking about them! Thus it has successfully become an addiction.

Scrambled eggs with cheese, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, scrambled eggs with vegetables, scrambled eggs with chicken, scrambled eggs with maggi, or just plain scrambles eggs; I just have to have them, time to time, (at least twice a week) or I start having crazy scrambled eggs fantasy dreams. (Yea, weird. I know. I tell that to me all the time)

And  now I sleep. Hopefully I shall dream of scrambled eggs 😀



After seeing so many pictures of scrambled eggs on the internet, I have to add one more word.

“Slllluuuurrrrrrrpppppp”© Copyright 2013, Adya Vac