Sexual Objects


Women have legs. So do men. Women have arms, so do men. And I’m seriously trying to understand the difference between them.

When people in backward areas, or people in places which are dominated by orthodox thinking say girls shouldn’t wear this and that, you kinda get it. They are specimens out of a time machine. Past. But what about places that are known for their cultural diversity and tolerance? So I am not going to name the city, or the college. And unfortunately even then you will relate to what I say, even if a hundred of you are from hundred different places, across the world.

‘Girls are no longer allowed to wear sleeveless. Girls are not allowed to wear shorts. Girls are not allowed to wear figure hugging or tight fitting clothes.’

Now as you read on, I’m going to point out a number of hypocrisies in this statement, and statements like this. Men are hungry. Always hungry for flesh. The mere sight of a woman’s arms or legs distracts them. It distracts them so much that they just have to do something. Something like tease those girls. Whistle at them. Drive bikes making garish noises. Grab women. They have to get it out of their system. And well if that isn’t enough, they need to take some clothes off. They need to molest. They need to rape.

So what do we do about this? What do the authorities do about this? Simple.

Hide them. The women. Hide them under layers of clothes. Hide them behind in-timings. Hide them behind tradition. Hide them behind fathers and brothers. Hide them behind a mangalsutra. Hide them behind sindoor. Hide them behind a burqa. Mark them as property of someone else, hoping, that then no one else will dare to claim another man’s property.

Lets talk about sex now. No, not the male female classification thing, but the act of sex. How do people attain pleasure or climax? A man can attain pleasure only by one manner. Orgasm. And a man’s orgasm is attained through ejaculation, which from an evolutionary point of view is an act of procreation. A woman on the other hand does not attain a climax through just one organ or even one orgasm.  Women can achieve orgasm through their vagina and, wait for it, an organ called clitoris. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is an organ in the female body, meant for one sole purpose, pleasure. And, women are multi-orgasmic; meaning, while men can only have one orgasm at a time, women can have a lot more, and they are stronger, longer and better. So say that again. ‘Men are the sexual beings’ ?

Now look at this. Women are simply looked at as an assembly of sexual objects. Arms, legs, waist, breasts, lips, ass, vagina, and so on. They are also thought to be completely devoid of any amount of sexual desire. That makes complete sense. Someone who has an organ entirely dedicated to pleasure, is devoid of sexual desires. So while it is extremely stupid and dumb to ban girls from wearing so and so, if you really wanna do that, here’s a suggestion; you need to regulate your boys too, because believe it or not, girls are attracted to boys, and their bodies.

The next element of hypocrisy, take the Indian scenario. What item of clothing is considered beautiful? Most commonly, a sari, worn in different manners all over the country. Think. Sari. It means an exposed stomach and back. Always. But if the same woman or girl were to wear a short top and a long skirt, I don’t need to tell you what she would be called.

Homes and girls hostels, whenever guests or authorities come, there is a special attempt to hide bras and panties. Exactly why are they more indecent than men’s vests and underwear?

Another scenario. If a girl/woman decides to show her feelings, in the same manner as men, by which I mean tactics mentioned above, whistling, teasing, molesting(god forbid she reaches this stage!), she will either be killed, yes killed in some nay many parts of the world. Or married off real quick, overnight, you’d think they grow husbands like bacteria. Or kept under house arrest. Or she will looked upon as easily available. 

What sort of revolting society are we living in? I read somewhere such measures are important because ‘prevention is better than cure’. That if a woman/girl goes out with her boyfriend in the night, rape is bound to happen. To such people, do I need to repeat that most offenders are from the pool of family, relatives, friends? Do I also  need to remind them that a huge number of sexual harassment is faced by girls who haven’t even reached puberty? What do they reveal? Non existent breasts? Infants are raped. What about them? Rapes don’t always happen in the middle of the night. They happen in stark daylight too. In front of people who don’t say anything. And when they do, its to blame the victim.

Today we still want to trap women inside houses. How far is the day when they won’t be allowed out of the house at all?

Its not just enough to punish rapists. A simple fact needs to established, hammered into everyone’s head. Women have rights, desires, and choices. This endless attempt to take these away from them is inhumane in the least.

If men are beasts, they should be tied up, and kept in cages. Beaten and disciplined. Nothing gives any person or ‘beast’ the right to violate another individual’s rights or body. And if today some members of the society don’t speak up, they have no right to expect any sympathy or action when something similar happens to them.

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