The Abstract

Is it there?
Or not?
So tiny, I
Just can’t be sure.

My hand out,
Almost held
No no no!
And its gone

Near my ear,
Wings fluttering
On my skin
My heart fluttering
dazed oh dazed

A broken compass
I become
In search,

Swirl and twirl
All around me
Hazy hazy
Everything so clear

Up now twinkling
Teasing, Siezing
Senses defenses

It knows too
How to hurt
Make you fall
On your knees
And It consumingly

Heal and sear
Brand and burn
Soothe me 
I Scream!!!
And it whispers
More more
There’s some more. 
Black livid
Inky black
Scares me black
Carving me,

Drop drop drop
Into showers
Sharp sharp
Making me harp
Tunes I never

Come come hear
Here hear here
Mine you’re MINE!
Cackling snickering
No I’m not
But I am
And I’m not. 

Liar liar lying
I mutter and stutter
But its gone
The secret’s lost.

Only it isn’t. 

Just in reach
Always present
Even in absence
An abstract 
Manifesting melting
Into oh into what?

I close my eyes
I give up
I wait, for?

And then you come.© Copyright 2013, Adya Vac