Fear: Part 2

Sleepless moons
Of my perceptions
I’ve spent
Building screens.

I do believe
And know
They were quintessential
To me
At some point
In the Past?

Why do then I?
Keep hauling myself?
From contentment?
Into illusioned darkness.
To create more.

You didn’t know,
I live in fear.
Did you?
Rejection is easier.
Than acceptance.

And so I,
Keep waiting.
For when you
Will attack me.

You see I didn’t
You attack,
Not to hurt.
But to get closer.

Sometimes when I
Go beyond myself.
My insecurities come
And reach for me.
Making it hopeless.
For me to,

But now that
I finally look.
Through them.
I shall walk.
Once again.
To freedom.
From myself.

https://adya00.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/fear-part-2/© Copyright 2013, Adya Vac