Lost and Found

Lost and Found,
Lost and Found,
Only they haven’t
Been found.

My soul lies
In death,
In the dead,
In ruins left,
Parchments old.
I yearn to speak,
Languages lost.
I live to find,
Graves unclaimed.

How do I explain
In a tongue full
Of shortcomings,
That which lacks,
Words for the unseen yet
Existing in wombs
Or resting since;
The ever expanding,
The never reaching
Consciousness in me,
For the unredeemed?

Who were they?
Who are they?
Where’d they go?
Why are they; lost?

What makes  you
Leave your Home?
Perhaps pure instinct,
Or something more.
Less maybe.
Will I ever know?

Truth or Lie
Bad or Good
Line or Circle
Here or There
Black or White
Hate or Love
Right or Wrong
Me or you,
Why do I
Have to choose?

How to define
A beating heart
Violent to know
Secrets of
A buried heart.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found
I lose my self
To find.

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