Lover Book

I want love
Not a man
Nor a boy
But a Book

Its release excites
Like a new crush
My tingling hands
Waiting to touch

To buy it would be
The lover finally with me
To hold it
The first meet

As I read
The new pages
Oh so awaited
The first date

But if I find it
Boring and tiring
I put it down
As it fades to oblivion

If slow and interesting
I take my time
Stopping at each line
Drinking my fill

If a romantic
I fight the desire
To skip chapters
And reach the climax

And if it turns out
A big thriller
I finish it off
In a rush

Whatever the type
When I’m done
It goes in my shelf
Unknown its fate

So if I want
I can read again
The whole book
Or just some parts

If I fall in love
It’ll know
It ain’t exclusive
Just for it

Unblotted untouched
By ink or pen
Of Questioning Anger
Jealous Frustration

I’d forget about it
For days or years
But when I’m back
It doesn’t judge© Copyright 2013, Adya Vac