I Miss You

Where are you?
I miss thy pinch
The Stab the Scar
The Release.

You were promised
Me for a life,
So why the split?
Come back
And make me feel.

Sans you tears
Are no longer sour,
Sadness is now
No more consuming
Come here.

I miss the way
You surprised me
Creeped up my sheets
In the middle of nights
And made me bleed. 

The way you stole
Each morsel of sleep,
And gifted
Every other morning
Silent Bloodshot eyes. 

Whether love or hate
Or Anger that didn’t abate,
You were never far
Than a crossroads ahead
So what happened?

I still remember
Those blindfolded crashes,
I made
Right into your 
Oh your Arms.

And whilst you,
Held me safely
In you Clutches
I was at rest,
In all honestly.

Come home sweet!?
The very  air
Smells differently,
Without you
Perforating me.

If not infinitely,
Give me a few
Nights all with you
Let me feel
Once again your Stroke.

https://adya00.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/i-miss-you/ © Copyright 2013, Adya Vac