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Dear Students Who Just Got Their Results First up, I’d just like to say, congratulations on getting done with your board exams. I’m glad I’m not you because…

How did I manage to alienate you so much?

And that one sentence just refuses to leave me alone. “How did I manage to alienate you so much”? She was lying there, on her elbow, and he was staring at the roof,… Continue reading

A friend

See what I found on my dashboard! And what a co-incidence, I wrote this once before when you were going away for a bit, and now I’m posting this when you come back… Continue reading

Fear: Part 2

Originally posted on Nothing and Everything:
Sleepless moons Of my perceptions I’ve spent Tirelessly. Building screens. I do believe And know They were quintessential To me At some point In the Past? Why…

The Canvas is Complete

The canvas is complete I have nothing more to add And I haven’t Since quite some time now I think we both noticed Where once I had my fingers Bursting with brushes ten… Continue reading

Desire- A Revelation

I haven’t completely understood this about me, but somethings I have begun to. I am a woman of passion, only there are spare moments when I be that, her. When I hear a… Continue reading

Magic Lost

I’ve found a new drug, for a while at least. Till it does its worse to me, with me, I’m trapped, blissfully. Yes, its true that I still believe in magic, but because… Continue reading

A Beach and a Stranger

“You like Coke? You hate Pepsi. You’re crazy about Star Wars. You read. You talk so much. You’re beautiful. Are you for real?” It’s a memory from the past and its been peeping… Continue reading

Straight from the heart

The turbulence in my head reflected by a fellow blogger.

The Worst in people

So I was telling him once, during one of those late night conversations that had become a habit. I don’t like to see the best in people. I like to see the worst… Continue reading